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Bad month...

Nossa máquina geradora de Tema quebrou, e nossos engenheiros estão com muita dificuldade para consertá-la.
Estaremos de volta o mais rápido possível.
Obrigado pela paciência.

Our "Theme-maker Machine" has broken, and our engineers are having a hard time to fix it. 
We will be back as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Lauro Franco - FORD Yeti


Lauro Franco - Nomad Stingray

In the begining of "his" history the Chevrolet Nomad used the platform of the Corvette, so then it proceeded to use from the Bel-Air,but if the factory had not changed their plans, a model like this would have been possible within the context of the late 60 and early 70s, to a 3 doors Station Wagon. This is the Nomad Stingray, in their Gulf Team Ediiton.

Nicola Ricciardi - BMW 2002 Touring Tii RMK

Mauricio Mozeto - Ford Belina 1973 R

André Guimarães - Nissan GTR 70's

Joao Paulo Melo - Varióla 73

Visit the site – www.joaopaulomelo.com


Juliano Vilas Boas - Lotus



When I saw this theme for the first time , I figured the thousands of complaints we were going to receive, even with the last post, which explained our intentions with this blog. But now we don’t give a damn, because we are not going to explain our goals again.

So let's begin with the meanings of each tag:

GranPrix: Grand Prix – Damn!!! Any dumass that likes any kind of competition, from tennis to volleyball and even a race car knows what it is!

SW: South-West - Good one! We have to explain it? Yes we do, otherwise we will start to receive ridiculous questions. SW is Station Wagon, but can also be called as “Avant", "Touring", "Variant", "Sportwagon", "Traveller", "Countryman" or "Break" depending on the brand. It's a big car, which normally fits a lot of kids inside, which are drooling all over the window, and it is going to some repulsive beach.

1970: The most obvious of all the tags, it is a date.


On June 21 of 1970, the Brazilian soccer team won by 4-1 the Italian soccer team and became three times champion of the world;

On September 20 of 1970, NY Nicks won the NBA championship;

On April 5 of 1970, the band Queen was formed and also on April 10 of 1970, Paul McCartney announced the end of the Beatles.

This means that 1970 is a date that passed a long time ago.

Now it became easier to shows what we want. We want a vehicle that is part of any GranPrix of any kind of sport, and has to have an SW shape and has been produced or remits the 70’s.

Escape the obvious.

There is a website dedicated to the SW's (http://www.stationwagon.com).This site has an extensive gallery with over 400 models.


Design+Motion+Contest Team.

Something about the themes.


Here is the Design+Motion+Contest team speaking;

Since the beginning of the tags lottery, we have received many complaints until it started to bother us. Now, we’ll get you of our backs.

From now on, in every new theme, we’ll work hard to launch a text that will try to help you to give a boost in your concepts.

Lots of questions regarding the tags targeted the choice of them. Motion+Design+Contest does not choose the tags, we have a tool that makes this choice for us, we are too lazy to do this.

The randomness is precisely our intention. We want to put you in uncomfortable situations, so we can extract from you as much creativity as possible, which seems sometimes to be a difficult task. Race cars, sedans and coupes? We are tired of it, just type "car sketch" on Google and it will show lots of examples, and sometimes, it will show some design of yours.

We want something new and show you, alienated, that we can together, do something different. Our blog is like this, is something different.

Motion+Design+Contest has great expectations and desires that we want, with great hope, to reach with this blog.

So those who already participate, we want more and more of you, because what we have received from you until today were great. And those who think in participating, do not fear us and do not be afraid of quality of the other participants, you are welcome and we want you to feel at home.


Design+Motion+Contest Team.

Daniel Dozza Gerzson - Axiroller Ma Deuce II

Nagarparkar, Pakistan. May 2150.

Few boundaries still divide the nations. The population density makes exhaust the possibilities of employment and that seemed to have disappeared after the turn of the century becomes the only hope of the people. Religion. Skepticism imposed by science and technology was not enough. Beliefs reproduce the strength of the excluded and becomes the main weapon for liberation and change the system.
In Nagarparkar, the border between Pakistan and India. Religion gains power and local militias emerge creating a more urban warfare. The low local investment in technology made the old streets, abandoned by time, became the battleground of the militias. Small cars are the vehicles exceeded warfare.

Axi-roller "Ma Deuce II"

Propulsion: Chemical Wastes
Drive: 3-axis Circular
Axi-Balance Sensor
Armament: Ma Deuce II
Soldiers: 1
Protection: No


Steven Peter Niklaus - ZIS 9000-S

The world as we knew it back in 2010 is a distant and bitter memory. Chaos has been dominating most nations all over the globe. Radical religious dogmas have brought mankind nearer and nearer to a new Holocaust. Pandemics, famine, religious wars take their toll worldwide The fools of yesterday are today’s new prophets. Governments are powerless and have no way, other than impose their power through tyrannical rule and decree. In these times of never seen before hardship, martial law can only be maintained using die hard military troops to contain the frenetic mob. Automotive industry is a thing of the past in a world where the only lucrative business is the disposal of the dead. The para-military hunter-killer squads ride vehicles built from ancient car project parts. The ZIS 9000-S is such a vehicle, built from parts sourced from abandoned facilities discovered in 2145 in the Italian peninsula. Russian conglomerate ZIS brought the stocks of parts to Chelyabinsk factory in Nishni-Tagil in central Russia and started building a up-armed and up-armored small assault vehicle, suitable for urban guerrilla warfare.

Lauro Franco - Kia Shieldy LS

This is the Kia Shieldy LS (Little Skull), a small and agile armored car with their air drivers it's able to infiltrate the most dangerous slums, transposing the most difficult obstacles, armed with a plasma gun and a small arsenal of rockets is the ultimate weapon to fight crime in the cities of the future.

Olivier Poulet - AP2

Artur Melo - Small Adapted Military City Car

In a big city, like Sao Paulo - Brazil, we have a lot of chaos and unlimited rush hour. When starts to rain, a pouring rain to be more specific, that is the moment we really need this A.M.R.V. (Adapted Military Rescue Vehicle).
So, a fleet of old Peugeots was adapted by, Steven Betinenses - our specialist in military transportation department - to help people out in danger situations.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.
Please, visit my blog: www.r24fun.blogspot.com

Mauricio Mozeto - Atheist Guerrilla

It's a modified urban civilian car, used by some "terrorist" to attack the opressive religious society.


Rafael F. daSilva - Brazilian Skullkiller

Urban Invasion Vehicle Model A identification 01


Artur Melo - Chevy American Muscle

It is something preditable, anyway, it was fun to do it. I've been trying some new techniques, so I hope you like it this time. I do.

Olivier Poulet - VF

André Guimarães - Puma GT

Mauricio Mozeto - Burner

Streamline? ...

Rafael Fernando da Silva_ BMW VENTO _ Aston Martin LowStep

BMW vento _ Gina inspired, the shape concept brings the fluidity of forms combined with some different geometrical elements. Lines run along the car and reveal some of this elements. As a street urban car this BMW comes with some classic graphical elements (two stripes) that runs through the car front to back.

Aston Martin LowStep- I´ve decided to build some muscle streamline concept really low on the ground, so the wind can pass through this shape easily. It sticks to the ground and gives the car a nice stability plus a cool organic aesthetics.

.Rafael Fernando daSilva


55 41 88089553

Roger De Traglia - Superbird

Inspired by the 1969 Plymouth Superbird, a muscle car that is still

Fábio Yukio - Hot Furi-wheel

João Paulo Melo - Muscle Bimmer


Lauro Franco - PSF-5100

So this is the PSF-5100, an experimental aircraft that uses alien technology, with their three magnetic impulse turbines, it can stop in the air or cross the atmosphere and the exterior space with speeds higher than 5000 Mph.

Artur Melo - AREA 51

This project is about area 51 during the WW2. We've just revealed to the public photos that you've never seen before.
Some people were killed in the 40's because of these photos, so it is a great honor for us to share these information. The american people deserves it.
My real name is NOT going to be revealed, for my own security